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PostHeaderIcon IA Consulting Engineering


The IA Consulting Engineering S.r.l. was founded on 27-07-2015 based in Rome, Pio Foa 55 street, by collaborators and professionals that had already worked together, from important engineering companies with whom they'd worked for more than fifteen years. Those companies are INGEGNERI ASSOCIATI SRL and IDROESSE ENGINEERING SRL.

The activity is aimed at developing an integrated engineering structure in all areas of construction, intended as a single object from the foundation soil to the last technological implant.

The company makes use of more than 10 engineers and architects, specialized in different branch of structural and mechanical engineering, helped by many graduate technicians, creating specialized work groups for different activities.

Commissions are handled by workgroups designed according to the project specifications.

Until today the company has carried out several projects in the construction, railway, highway, airport and marine sectors.

The company is recorded in the consultants lists of various international organizations; it has it's own analysis, software development and verification center and automated production with CAD systems; It constantly updates in all branches of Civil Engineering.

IA Consulting Engineering srl can offer and integrated and inter-disciplinary service for the following activities:

  • Architectural and functional design of public and private civil engineering
    (preliminary, final and executive projects) including:
    • Railway and subway stations
    • Residential and commercial building
    • SAccommodation and furnishing of public spaces
  • Design of road and highway infrastructures
    (preliminary, final and executive projects) including:
    • Road axis design
    • Bridges and viaducts
    • Natural and artificial tunnels.
    • Complementary Artwork
    • Road Interference
    • Hydraulic Accommodation
  • Design of railway and subway infrastructure
    (preliminary, final and executive projects) including:
    • Railway axis design
    • Railroad bridges and viaducts
    • Platform plans
    • Natural and artificial tunnels
    • Complementary Artwork
    • Road Interference
    • Hydraulic Accommodation
  • Architectural and structural modeling.
  • Bill of quantities, and special scope statements
  • Revision and Validation of projects

Our company, with a staff of 10 professionals, and a very experienced technical executive, can carry out advanced and high quality projects, ensuring quality and delivery times.